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Friday 19 July
9 - 11am

Join us for the next event in our exciting and innovative ignite series.

ignite is an exciting and ground breaking collaboration between the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the state's leading universities and the Victorian Government. Bringing together business leaders with universities in bespoke partnerships to research, develop and commercialise innovative products, services, business models and processes.


Mental health - it's on everyone's mind

On Friday 19 July 2019, Victoria University (VU) will showcase its expertise to industry at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's ignite series surrounding the University’s work on mental health, physical activity and body image.

VU has a great track record in key translational research areas that concern society surrounding physical activity, mental health and wellbeing. These are underpinned by chronic disease and areas of female body image/dissatisfaction.

Victoria is currently leading the way with the recent Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System and Victoria University is at the forefront of research and best practice. Hear from three experts about how interventions which change physical activity and the use of social media can improve the mental health of society in general, of your workplace, of your family, and of you.

Poor mental health is a huge individual, social and economic problem and with denser urbanisation, ingrained social media use and increasingly sedentary lives, it is worsening. The distribution of poor mental health is also unequal in our community.

Without understanding the drivers of poor mental health across different population groups, we are at risk of delivering ineffective services, programs and policies.

Programs like, Sons of the West, Women of the West and Growing Brimbank, are key examples of embedded translational research that are making a difference to the communities of Western Melbourne.

Several of VU's preeminent women researchers in these areas, Professor Alexandra Parker, Assoc. Professor Melinda Craike and Dr Siân McLEAN, will all be speaking at ignite+VU in July 2019

Date and time:
Friday 19 July 2019
9 - 11am

Victoria University: Footscray Park Campus
Ballarat Rd, Footscray
Lecture Theatre (L114)


Professor Alexandra Parker

Professor Alexandra Parker

Alex Parker is a clinical researcher who specialises in physical activity and mental health. She leads a multidisciplinary research group that engages in projects that aim to measure, understand, and promote exercise and physical activity to optimise mental wellbeing and prevent and treat mental illness. Alex’s major research interests include translating research findings into practice through workforce development and implementation studies, and the mental health and wellbeing of elite athletes. She also works as a sessional clinical psychologist in a youth mental health service.

Associate Professor Melinda Craike

Associate Professor Melinda Craike

Melinda has an internationally recognised research track record in understanding physical activity engagement in healthy and clinical population groups, with a particular focus on behaviour change. She has a strong interest in research translation and has partnered with government, health and community sectors to improve health outcomes.Melinda’s work has informed the development of physical activity programs for national schools and clinical populations, as well as sport policies aimed at encouraging female participation, municipal physical activity strategy and community service delivery.

Dr Siân McLean

Dr Siân McLean

Siân is a lecturer in Psychology and a Research Fellow in the Institute for Health and Sport. Her research focuses on sociocultural and individual factors that contribute to body dissatisfaction in children, adolescents, and adults. Her work specifically looks at how viewing and using social media and exposure to appearance ideal images leads to body dissatisfaction, and the role of media literacy in protecting against these negative effects. Siân is also highly experienced in school-based prevention and the evaluation of programs to improve body dissatisfaction and wellbeing.

Professor Peter Dawkins

with Professor Peter Dawkins, Vice Chancellor of Victoria University

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Victoria State Government
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