Publication 17 October 2019

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Best Practice Tour: Museums Victoria

Last week, more than 30 Melbourne Chamber of Commerce (MCC) members were treated to a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of the Melbourne Museum, as part of MCC’s Best Practice series.

Hosted by Museums Victoria, guests had the opportunity to join one of three tours, offering the chance to see areas ranging from biodiversity research and collection management, to the care of live exhibits.

Tours also included a visit to the First Peoples gallery as a model of best practice in community co-curation, and the award-winning Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery as best practice early learning.

The Live Exhibit Unit was a highlight for attendees, with special appearances by the rare Lord Howe Island stick insect, a 30-year-old Cunningham’s skink, exotic tarantulas - and of course, the amazing horticulturists, curators and animal keepers who maintain and develop living displays across Melbourne Museum.

Next up was a visit to the Conservation Unit, responsible for the state collection of more than 17 million objects, representing an invaluable record of Victoria’s environmental and cultural history

This section is made up of eight conservators, a materials scientist, an Integrated Pest Management officer, and a Conservation Assistant, who work on Museums Victoria’s collection to make it accessible for exhibitions and programs, and for researchers and communities.

The Melbourne Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Museums Victoria for hosting such an insightful and exclusive event; a perfect showcase of best practice operations.

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